I really love my...

I really love my... RITUALS Eve's kiss silkening lip treatment 
Apple and Karite

Gavau si blizgi dovanu nuo drauges. Vos pabandziusi isimylejau ir naudoju beveik kasdien! Blizgesys lengvos teksturos, taciau gana lipnus (ko as labai nemegstu), taciau siam blizgiui atleidziama, nes ant lupu atrodo nuostabiai ir labai skaniai kvepia obuoliukais. Beje, nuotraukose neatrodo taip graziai kaip realybeje.
This lipgloss is a present from my friend. I did fall in love after first time I try it! And I wear it almost every day. The texture is light, but a bit sticky (what I hate), but in this case I don't mind, because it looks amazing on lips and smells delicious. By the way, photos doesn't show a justice on this lipgloss, it looks more pretty in reality.

I Really love my... PS MASKROS Pendant lamp

Other things I love at the moment...

I love amazing weather in Bristol, Lana del Rey, holiday in Italy, time I can spend for myself, cupcakes and coffee in bed, mornings without alarm, evenings with good films, new job hunt and small funny presents from my boyfriend, as this chocolate:

Have a nice, efficient week!


Remember me?

...Be Gentle to Yourself...

    Po ilgos pertraukos pagaliau vel prisedau rasyti. Noras sugrizti jau buvo kiles seniai, taciau sunkiausia yra parasyti pirma zodi irase po ilgos pertraukos. O pertrauka buvo reikalinga. Kartais gyvenimo visko buna tiesiog per daug: darbo, zmoniu, triuksmo, rupesciu, nuoskaudu... Taciau visada per mazai laiko. Man reikejo ramybes, atsigrezti i save, nuo visko atsiriboti, skirti laiko sau, pailseti, o ta teko daryti blog'o saskaita. Kaip bebutu, po pusdienio siandien lauke zaidziant tenisa, grizau namo deganti noru naujam irasui. Ir griztu pilna jegu ir naujos, sviezios pavasariskos energijos:)
    After long break I am writing new post on my blog. I was tempted to do it long  time ago, but oh my God, how difficult is to write first letter, first word after long break. But the break was a vital thing for me. Sometimes you reach the breaking point and realize that you can't handle excess in your life any more: to much work, people, noise, worries, grievances...The only thing you never have enough is time. I needed turn into myself, more time for relaxation, for myself and peace, dissociate from everything. So I stole time from my blog. Anyway, after long sunny afternoon outside playing tennis, I came home full of desire to do a new post today. And I am here again - full of fresh springtime energy:)

Colours of Spring...

Pavasariniai vejai isiverze ir i mano spinta!
Spring breeze invade into my wardrobe as well!

Floral dress - Primark £17

 Labai dekoju visiems uz palaikyma tylos metu: uz zinutes, laiskus ir grazius zodzius. Man tai tikrai labai svarbu 


♥ I am so thankful for everyone who supported me on this silence period: thank you for you messages, emails and nice words. It means a lot for me and I really appreciate it